1,460 days!

It has been 1,460 days since I have seen your face, petted that soft spot between your eyes and sniffed the smell of your head. I still miss you terribly. You were a one of a kind. You kept us quite amused. I just wanted you to know that you were a good dog. You were faithful and loving. You were just precious. I was dreaming this morning that your shoe was being carried off your garden. Maybe you were making a visit? This year, I plan to add to your garden. I am thinking a Lab mini flag and some Daffodils. It has just been so Winter here still, I haven’t gotten outside much. The Daffodils ate blooming now and when I see them, I am always reminded of that last walk we took to pick them. I love you so very much Ty Guy and I will see you someday when it is my time. I will throw my arms around your neck and breathe in the smell of your fur! Mom❤️

3 Years

My boy, I have not forgotten you.  Quite the opposite. Fixed up your garden for spring, put your plaque and Spotlight back out. I have been missing you a bit more lately, I am sure it is the time of year. Your 3 rd Angelversary was on Easter Day. Katey and I talked about how Daffodils make us both happy and sad. The last walk we took with you was up the drive to pick some. You were tired when we got back. I am sorry if I pushed you too hard. You seemed so happy to go though. Some of your habits have been adopted by the other fur faces here. Lucy takes my yogurt containers to clean out when I am done, Daryl has taken over your chair and Chandler does a fair job of digging holes in the yard( strangely, his favorite place to dig is beside your garden.) BUT…..nobody, nobody takes my shoes 😩I never thought when I was rushing around getting ready and looking in the yard for my shoes, that I would miss it, but I do. I still find pennies in weird places. I hope you are happy at the bridge . I hope you are just happy, pain free and running around with a shoe in your mouth, but I hope you are not sad or missing me. I hope it is for you there, like I think it is for us, just a blink of the eye and you will feel my arms around you, my thumb stroking that spot between your eyes that you liked and me kissing your head a million times. Love you my boy, always will! MOM

Beach Trip!!

IMG_0973IMG_1032IMG_103108F63EF0-3A47-4D54-A8B1-D1703D21C57CIMG_1130They were very excited to go, well, 2 of them at least. I was feeling sad that you were not going and opened the car door and there was a penny. I found 2 more randomly in parking lots as well as this seashell that reminds me of an angel’s wing. Nobody liked the water. Chandler got left out and was headed to a busy street. I did not know he could still move that fast. Thanks for looking out for him. I was able to chase him down and grab his collar before he went out onto the street. I think you WERE there with us! I have to remember that you can romp on the beach and play in the water anytime you like. Have felt a bit off these last few days. That is usually when your signs start popping up all over. I miss you Ty, even with the 3 other fur faces in the house. something tells me I always will!!

Melting Icecubes!

Another Ty memory hit me today. He LOVED ice cubes. He was in his glory when I overran my glass at the ice dispenser. He would chase them down and crunch away. Today, I overran my glass. Daryl just sat there and watched. They just started to melt on the floor. Guess that was Ty’s thing. Not sure why that memory took 2 yearS to surface. May be the walk down memory lane I took on all his posts. ( Thanks Sally, for the idea). It is sad , how many memories have started to fade. The Labby Lean, Oh how I long for it now after reading about it, but it had started to fade away. I guess that is a part of healing, but I will admit it makes me feel a tad guilty. I have felt Ty’s presence strongly the last few days, sort of like he is hanging around the house. Weird???? This is the only place I could express that feeling, that presence, even a bit of comfort. TY, Ty

2 Years as an Angel

Ty shoe 1I miss you! I miss having only a half pair of shoes. I miss your leap on to the porch. I miss those soulful brown eyes. I miss how your head smelled like Ty. I miss seeing your eyes in the back seat of my car. I miss how you had to sit on the chair beside me at the vets. I miss your eyes staring at me from your chair in my room. I miss how you chased me off every night when you were ready to go to bed. I miss how close you and Chandler were. He has not let any of our other pups in. I think he misse you too. I miss your deep bark. I never feared anybody entering my home. You sounded so fierce, but you were so gentle. some days, I still cannot believe you are gone. It has gotten a bit easier as time has gone on. I put your stuff back out on your garden today. I take it in for the winter. Yesterday, I kept watching the time. 5:30 was the dreaded appointment time 2 years ago. 730 days, I have been without my beautiful, shiny Black Lab. I am glad you are out of pain and whole again. Thanks for the penny today and all of the signs you have given me that you are happy and feeling fine. I will see you in Heaven someday my boy. Mama loves and misses you. PS: Sorry this is a day late. Purposely kept myself extra busy this weekend


I miss Ty!

So sorry, my boy, it has been ages since I have written anything on here! When I logged in this morning, I saw your banner. There you were all shiny, I could smell your head and feel your soft ears in my mind. Ava was here yesterday ( my Granddaughter, age 5) and she started talking about you. She was just sitting and petting Chandler and said she wanted her own dog. Then she asked why Daryl never came out when she was there. He tends to retreat when company comes. Not sure why, have never had a pup do that before. You may have to send him some tips from the bridge. She loves him, but has to seek him out. She said ” I miss Ty! ” You were so wonderful with her. So patient, so kind. You left me a penny yesterday in my closet. Thank you! I have been so busy, we have a new family member, a new Grandchild. I have been babysitting a lot, but even though I don’t get on here as often due to lack of time, I have not forgotten you. You would have loved him! Thanksgiving is coming and you LOVED being a part of the celebration. Loved being underfoot, laying in the kitchen as I prepared, loved just hanging out. Of course, I never make a turkey without seeing you standing proudly at the front door having ” retrieved” the wild carcass from the woods. Tail waving wildly! Forever etched in my mind. It occurred to me the other day that I don’t even think about putting my shoes up anymore. If I let them at the door, there are always 2 still there. I have not searched the back yard for the other one in a year and a half. I agree with Ava, “I miss Ty!”

A special penny from TY

imageTook Chandler in for his twice weekly Adaquan injection.  Looked at the end table next to my chair and saw a penny. Of course I had to keep it. I always look at the date to see if there is any significance to it. So far none. When I got home, I saw it was a special penny. A 1937 wheat penny. No date significance, but a very special penny from a very special pup. This is the vet where Ty went to the bridge. he was just saying ” Hi Mom, I am doing OK.”  Love you my Angel Boy!

VA Pawty Pics


Myrtle eavesdropping on Sally and Jim!


Myrtle being adorable!


Wyatt Rae chillin:-)


Roscoe, Fannie Mae, Tanner and Daryl- Meet & Greet

I have more, cannot for the life of me get them to post on the forums. Was a great day had by all. Ty even rode along, found a penny on the front passenger seat. I am pretty sure that Ty wont mind me using his blog for this. He is the reason I met these terrific people!