My daughter’s TY shelf


Went to my daughters house yesterday. She usually comes home instead of me going there, as I have sleeping room. (she lives 2 and 1/2 hrs away) Don’t go there often, but see her every few weeks( lest you think I am an awful Mom) She has created this display since I have last been at her apartment. She also has a small Black Lab stuffy that wears Ty’s name tag. Quite a fitting display! She had asked for some of Ty’s ashes. So happy I made the decision to do it this way. He meant the world to her!!

You have lived at the bridge for a whole year, I miss you!

DSC_0058DSC_0059DSC_0053DSC_0057These are the last 4 pictures I think I took of Ty. The one with my daughter may have not been, as it was taken the weekend before. I see it especially in that picture. You were seeing the Bridge. The light had gone out in your eyes and I was too close to see that. I am so sorry! Felt like I was swimming uphill in concrete today. The emotion took a bit of a toll. I have kept from crying for some reason today. Maybe it is because of the cry fest I had on the 10th.Went through his box, buried my face in his tshirts, his collar and his bag of hair. I got a faint smell of him and was completely undone. Was a much worse day for me than today. The 3 pictures of me with Ty were taken just hours before he left. That is pretty much how we were when he left. I had his head in my lap and I bent over and buried my face next to his and talked to him. Said how much I loved him, over and over again. I could not watch. The words He is gone stuck with me for many months. Enough about his leaving. TY stands for Thank You in most written communication these days. I think of him every time I see those letters.  TY, Ty for being you, TY for being mine, TY for being silly and goofy, TY for loving me as you did, TY for protecting me, TY for all of the memories we made. TY for all the camping trips, TY for being so brave, you stuck with those treatments because you knew I wanted you to, TY for my friends here, without you, I would not have met them, TY,TY,TY for everything you gave me in your 8 years. TY forThe warm exuberant welcomes, TY for the kisses and even the body slams. You are very missed here, precious boy! Never forgotten, always loved. MY TY GUY! I LOVE YOU! Mommy

Happy Tri Day!

DSC_0054Daryl 3Happy Tri Day everyone! Thought I would send you all your daily dose of cuteness today! Top picture is My Ty Guy when he was small. I think that is how he feels at the bridge. Young, healthy and strong. I still miss him every day. Second picture is the picture on the shelter website of Daryl that stole my heart.  Yes, he looks a lot like TY, except that he is half the size. He also does not take everything in a huge gulp, I used to drop and run when I gave TY treats. I watched a video on tube the other day of a dog eating an ice cream cone, I had to laugh, I said that’s Ty!! He does not steal shoes, Lucy has taken over in that area and he likes my husband better than me. But he has helped my smile again. TY will always be a part of me. When I got home from taking Chandler to the vet yesterday, I reached down to pull my trunk latch to put his rugs back in my trunk, there perched on the handle was … got it, A PENNY! I feel like he is telling me, Mom, I really am OK! Happy Tri Day all! Love, Lori, Ty, Chandler , Lucy and Daryl



You have to look close because of the tarp. I have to keep a tarp under my car in Winter because my garage does not drain correctly. This is what I found, exactly what I found yesterday when I went to get into my car. Note the 3 dimes lined up together and then I look closer and see the penny to the right. Not sure if any of you remember the leaf lineup on his garden, but pretty much the same. This was right outside the drivers side of my car, no way I could have missed it. I needed this tremendously as the last few days have been a bit sadder than usual. I think I am realizing that we are coming up on one year. A whole year since I have kissed the top of that head that smelled exclusively like TY. One year since I have hugged that neck, brushed his fur, snuggled his back.  BTW, found a penny in the wash today and it was our bedclothes. Thank you my boy! I Love you!

Another adventure in TY Land!!

DSC_0151 I feel the need to be on here a bit more lately.  I am tending to reflect back to what was happening last year at this time. I had a bad dream last night about sending you to the Bridge. It was not at all like it happened, not even the same place. You were licking my hand after it was over. Maybe you were visiting me in my sleep. Then I was going to send Chandler there too! It was awful!        Now another visual for you who are reading this.  I had completely forgotten about this until the other day. It is typical Ty stuff.  We had just moved here, so was close to 5 years ago. I heard Ty and Chandler making a commotion in the back yard.  Now, you may ask, how do I know that this was Ty’s idea? I love Chandler more than life, but he is afraid of his own shadow. Boxes, clothes baskets, getting his nails trimmed, baths and probably ground hogs if faced alone.When I went outside, the 2 of them had a groundhog cornered. The thing was chattering at them. I knew they were vaccinated, but still. I do not know what kind of damage one of those things can do to a dog. ( a horse pasture is quite another story) I yelled at them to come in. They proceeded to pass the poor groundhog back and forth and then toss him into the air over and over. Toss, thump, toss, thump. I lost count of how many times I heard it hit the ground I started to actually feel a bit sorry for the poor thing. Meanwhile it is chattering and growling. I was not real sure I wanted to get involved, but I got a broom and started toward them. I thought maybe I could distract them. At some point, I got their attention, ( no , I did not hit anybody with the broom) I just stood there and waved it and yelled for them to let it alone. Finally, They backed off. The ground hog was just laying there. I thought it was dead. I went back out after I put the dogs inside to get rid of it and it was moving. I own 2  pistols and I  target shoot as a hobby but, me shoot anything that breathes???? Nah Aaah!!!  I could not stand around and watch this poor thing suffer so I called my Hubby and told him he had to come home right now and shoot this poor thing. He said he would take care of it when he got home. He told me to stay away as I , unlike the pups was not vaccinated against Rabies. I do not listen real well. I went out about an hour later and the groundhog was nowhere to be found. I am guessing they just had him stunned. I am not sure where he went, but for those of you who remember the story of the poor Rooster that Ty buried alive, I am thinking they are hanging out somewhere in the woods together. Ty was the gentlest soul, he would not have intentionally hurt anyone or anything, but he did not always think. He probably was not the most intelligent pup I have owned, but one of the sweetest and most comical.That got him into more scrapes than I can count. I am sure there are others that will come to mind and I will share. These adventures were what made Ty, TY.  His exuberance and love for life can never be duplicated, nor would I want it to be. I miss you lots, you big old cuddly, goofy sweet boy!     BTW: no one was hurt in the making of this adventure. They were checked thoroughly for bites.

My dryer stash on your 1 year Ampuversary

Ty waiting for chair 2 A year ago today, I dropped you off at the vet with high hopes for many, many months together. It wound up being measured in weeks rather than months, but I learned a lot form you in that short time. Things like, small things are really big things, A chair to snuggle into at night, an empty yogurt container, a full trash can and companionship. That is what you loved the most. Even when you were so sick, you could barely stand, your tail went a mile a minute when I walked into the room. I was remembering your Summer habit the other day. Being all black, you were not a fan of the heat. From puppyhood on, you would plop your body down right on top of the AC vent. Made the room a bit warmer, but I never minded. I miss you my boy. It is looking as if one of our boarder’s horses may be euthanized today. I need to go out there, but I am procrastinating. It is bringing some bad memories back. I am feeling blah. I just loaded the dryer and when I turned it on, I heard the familiar clanging of change. I open it and fish around, 2 pennies and a dime. Turn it on again, clang, clang, fish some more, 2 pennies, 1 dime, repeat, 2 dimes 1 penny, last time 1 dime and 3 pennies. I need to think that it is you, telling me that you are ok and still with me. 3 Tripawd finds and the last was 4. You are running on 4 today. Love and miss you so much My TY Guy.

Missing you today:-(

image This week has been a bit brutal. Just when I think I have finished, I get hit again. I just plain miss you my boy. I have not posted to your blog for awhile. Just felt the need to come here today. I just realized that last year at this time, we got your probable diagnosis. I will NEVER forget that punch in my stomach at the words, “I am pretty sure he has a tumor.”  Oh how I hate cancer and what it did to you. You, my vibrant, active, goofy boy. Yesterday, I was hit with overwhelming grief at the thought of leaving you behind at the vet’s office on the day I let you go. To this day, I am not sure how I found the strength to get up, walk out and pay the bill. uggg! I remember holding you in my arms for a long time and tucking you in under the blanket they had given us. Just like I was putting you to bed. I could not look back. I had to just keep going. I had called my friend and I knew he was coming to get you.  Then yesterday after feeling so blah, I found a penny. on the floor where I had swept earlier. Thank you! I know my family thinks I am a nut job about the pennies so I just treasure them for myself and add them to my ever growing collection in my bag. I got to looking at pictures after reading posts about (signs from the bridge). I always thought there was someone missing from this picture. I had taken it because I found the bed discrepancy a bit amusing. you would not have let that happen. You were a bit of a bed hog. You would run for the best bed. At a second look, I see the glowing spot on the floor and the ever present shoe. I know, I am just searching for comfort right now, but I will let my head believe. You are with me, you are tucked safely within my heart. If you can though…..please come and steal one of my shoes. Love Mommy

Gone But Not Ever Forgotten!

DSC_0487DSC_0324  Sometimes you see something and it takes you back to another time.You would have protected this child with your life. Now you have sent another to stand guard. It has taken this whole time for her to finally accept that you are in heaven. She finally made up to Daryl. She did suggest we change his name to TY too. There was never any confusion that Daryl was Ty to her. People were afraid of that, but she knew, as small as she is. We can smile more when we talk about you. Like when you ate 3 pieces to the jigsaw puzzle we were working on. When we got frustrated and could not locate a piece, we would say it was a piece that Ty ate. I put up my outside Christmas stuff today, as it was nice out. Felt you should have been there watching. Maybe you were. Sorry I did not post on your 7 month Angelversary. It has been a bit tough for me to post lately and I am not sure why. Maybe it is that 1 year amp. thing we have looming near. I miss you boy, so very much! Love from, Mommy   For those who are confused, 1st picture is TY  2nd one is Daryl

6 months as an Angel


An Angelversary does not feel like something to celebrate 🙁  I am glad you are pain free. You were so stoic that I now wonder how long you hid your pain from me. This week I found some old SD cards. The first picture of you is your best girl’s ( well besides me LOL) Graduation in 2009. That would have made you 3. I made muffins the other day and was reminded of the time you counter surfed a whole batch off of the counter. The second picture is you and Chandler in the RV headed out to The Quarter Horse Congress in 09. You loved going in the RV. I think this is the last year we took the RV because we got a pull behind and I made you ride in the truck. Now, you both had a whole back seat to yourselves. Your Dad and I had a running joke because he weaves a bit as he drives. When we would go over a rumble strip at the edge of the road , one of us would say, “Hold on boys!”  We would even say it when you were not along. Now, we don’t say it. 🙁  Makes us sad. I know we both are thinking it though. You will have to send your new brother some pointers on how to ride in the car. He insists on sitting up. which when you are missing a front leg, makes for a rough ride. He seems to have bonded with Dad the most. I think it is helping him to heal a bit though. I miss you so much my boy!! Daryl was sniffing in the crack of the couch in the sunroom while we were watching TV last night. I stuck my hand way back in and came out with a handful of your fur. Does not say much for my housekeeping, though, in my defense, it is a recliner couch so hard to get way down in.  I am going to use today to be thankful for you. For having the privilege to have you as a part of our family for 8 years. I have never liked the term Dog owner. You are more than a dog I owned, you owned and still own a big part of my heart. Run like the wind today my precious boy. Jump and gather as many shoes as you can.  Love , Mama