I miss Ty!

So sorry, my boy, it has been ages since I have written anything on here! When I logged in this morning, I saw your banner. There you were all shiny, I could smell your head and feel your soft ears in my mind. Ava was here yesterday ( my Granddaughter, age 5) and she started talking about you. She was just sitting and petting Chandler and said she wanted her own dog. Then she asked why Daryl never came out when she was there. He tends to retreat when company comes. Not sure why, have never had a pup do that before. You may have to send him some tips from the bridge. She loves him, but has to seek him out. She said ” I miss Ty! ” You were so wonderful with her. So patient, so kind. You left me a penny yesterday in my closet. Thank you! I have been so busy, we have a new family member, a new Grandchild. I have been babysitting a lot, but even though I don’t get on here as often due to lack of time, I have not forgotten you. You would have loved him! Thanksgiving is coming and you LOVED being a part of the celebration. Loved being underfoot, laying in the kitchen as I prepared, loved just hanging out. Of course, I never make a turkey without seeing you standing proudly at the front door having ” retrieved” the wild carcass from the woods. Tail waving wildly! Forever etched in my mind. It occurred to me the other day that I don’t even think about putting my shoes up anymore. If I let them at the door, there are always 2 still there. I have not searched the back yard for the other one in a year and a half. I agree with Ava, “I miss Ty!”