Gone But Not Ever Forgotten!

DSC_0487DSC_0324  Sometimes you see something and it takes you back to another time.You would have protected this child with your life. Now you have sent another to stand guard. It has taken this whole time for her to finally accept that you are in heaven. She finally made up to Daryl. She did suggest we change his name to TY too. There was never any confusion that Daryl was Ty to her. People were afraid of that, but she knew, as small as she is. We can smile more when we talk about you. Like when you ate 3 pieces to the jigsaw puzzle we were working on. When we got frustrated and could not locate a piece, we would say it was a piece that Ty ate. I put up my outside Christmas stuff today, as it was nice out. Felt you should have been there watching. Maybe you were. Sorry I did not post on your 7 month Angelversary. It has been a bit tough for me to post lately and I am not sure why. Maybe it is that 1 year amp. thing we have looming near. I miss you boy, so very much! Love from, Mommy   For those who are confused, 1st picture is TY  2nd one is Daryl