Hi Mama!

imageimageI found these 3 pennies on my husband’s nightstand this morning. Now, I know I cleaned that change off there. Wonder where these came from….hmmmm!  I use my bags that my tripod jewelry came in to save my  ” coins from Ty” the small one contains all of the pennies that I found on the day that Ty went to the bridge. My sign from all the angels there that they would take care of my boy. This is the only place I could admit to saving these treasures. Nobody else knows about my little stash. I know that I won’t be laughed at here. These were old pennies, one was from 1976. He must be digging deep holes to find them. Not sure if anyone gets the arrangement or not, Ty was a right front amp. I have been sick all week, he must have felt I needed a pick me up. I am telling you all, I am honest to goodness NOT putting this stuff in there. The leaves and now the pennies,   Gotta be My Ty Guy! Thank you precious boy, I love and miss you so very much!

4 months as an Angel


Yesterday was 4 months since TY went to the bridge. There is not a day that goes by that I don’t miss my boy! I went outside yesterday and this is what I found in Ty’s garden. 3 leaves lined up just so. And if you look a bit to the right, you can see a smaller leaf. TY was a front, right Tripawed. I think the message here is that the cancer, the sickness, the surgery, all of the yucky stuff, was just a small part of Ty’s life and legacy. I honestly did not put those leaves there and there was no one else that could have done it. There is only one explanation for it. Call me crazy, but I am going to grab any sign my boy sends. Love and miss you my precious Ty!