Your spot on the couch

IMG_2065DSC_0039 Yesterday was 5 months that you have been at the bridge. Of course you know you have a new brother. you hand picked him for me. I shed a few tears last night as I was standing beside your memory garden. I am so happy that Daryl made his way into my life, but he is not you. I still miss you a lot. He has a lot of your traits, yet is so very different. You are teaching him so well though, he is staying right with me in the yard. He likes your couch. When  saw this this morning, the poem about willing your things to a shelter dog came to mind. Please know that you are not being replaced, although I know that is what everyone is thinking about me now. Look, she just went out and found herself another 3 legged black lab. We know better, you and I, #1, I am not replacing you, rather honoring you in adopting Daryl and #2, I did not in any way start searching for a 3 legged black lab. He was heaven sent. Thank you boy, I love you!  Cannot seem to stop crying today, makes no sense. Just a little bit hard to see someone besides Ty laying there looking up at me. I am getting there, bit by bit. Don’t get me wrong, I love Daryl, I am just still adjusting to life without my TY Guy. BTW: Ty is on left and Daryl on right.