VA Pawty Pics


Myrtle eavesdropping on Sally and Jim!


Myrtle being adorable!


Wyatt Rae chillin:-)


Roscoe, Fannie Mae, Tanner and Daryl- Meet & Greet

I have more, cannot for the life of me get them to post on the forums. Was a great day had by all. Ty even rode along, found a penny on the front passenger seat. I am pretty sure that Ty wont mind me using his blog for this. He is the reason I met these terrific people!

My daughter’s TY shelf


Went to my daughters house yesterday. She usually comes home instead of me going there, as I have sleeping room. (she lives 2 and 1/2 hrs away) Don’t go there often, but see her every few weeks( lest you think I am an awful Mom) She has created this display since I have last been at her apartment. She also has a small Black Lab stuffy that wears Ty’s name tag. Quite a¬†fitting display! She had asked for some of Ty’s ashes. So happy I made the decision to do it this way. He meant the world to her!!