More non food items!

I figure this is as good a place as any to share the memories now. After all, this blog is celebrating TY. I ate a popsicle last night. I did not have to put the stick in a covered trash can 🙁 I had to have trash cans with lids in all my rooms. Tissues, q tips, candy wrappers, Ty loved them all. I would throw something in only to watch him dig it out. He then figured out how to flip open the lids. I always had to go retrieve my popsicle  sticks from his mouth. My stick was still in the trash this morning. I was thinking today how big of a hole is here now with him gone. There is not a room that does not have a memory of his presence. This was his home and he LIVED here. He was allowed on the furniture and he begged at the table. Bad manners, maybe, but I think he enjoyed life. I used to say that there is no bad day when you are a Lab. He was so happy. I think I will start trying to be more Lab. The other thing that he ate was an entire tree of cheap glass Christmas ornaments. We used to have a weekend house that was in the middle of nowhere. I had put up a tree and used Dollar General balls. This was his first Christmas and I suppose they looked good. We were miles from a vet. He never even got sick. I am not sure he actually managed to swallow any, but rather just crushed them up. His tail could clear off the bottom of a Christmas tree in a heartbeat. Swish, splat, splat! When guests came, I tried to stand between his tail and the tree. I miss his big thumping tail. I could hear it as soon as I walked in the door. I called it happy tail syndrome. I am surprised that he never broke it as hard as he would thump it against things. I even miss his over enthusiastic greetings. If he was outside, he would jump up and throw his entire body sideways against me. He had enough strength to knock me over if I wasn’t prepared. I know, I know, bad manners. He was just always so happy to see his people come home. He was a precious soul and I miss him every minute. My life was made infinitely better because he was a part of it.

How we got TY


I had no plans to get another dog when Ty came along.

My neighbor’s dog had just had puppies. She was a very sweet tempered Chocolate Lab that sort of had the run of the neighborhood. The puppies and Mama were out in an open garage. When the puppies got old enough, they started to come across the road to visit. now my 4 girls loved that , but I knew the dangers even though it was a back road. ( this was the road that TY would later be hit on) I told them not to feed them at our house. We began to return them when they came over, but inevitably, they wound up back at our house. In my pictures somewhere, I have a picture of the entire litter on my daughter’s lap. Still looking for that picture. Ty was the only male in the litter and my husband began to hint that he might want him. I said, “no, one dog and 2 cats and 4 kids is enough.” I am not sure that I argued for long. I eventually took the $150 down and told the owner that I wanted the male for my husband’s Birthday. This, in hindsight, is some of the best money I have ever spent. He would later prove to be the most expensive dog I have owned thus far, but he was worth his weight and more in gold. For the longest time, we had “your dog” and “my dog”. Not sure exactly when they both became mine, but at some point I became tremendously attached to this big gangly guy. His name started out as TYRAN….shortened to TY and eventually TY GUY. WE helped find homes for the remaining puppies and I have actually seen his one sister about a month ago. She is almost as sweet as he was. Almost! He was big, he chewed everything and his tail was crazy! He jumped, he licked and he dug. In short he was a typical Lab puppy. I remember saying one day to someone,” He is 4 now. Someone told me they settle down at 4.” Suddenly, he was 8. Where did that 4 years go? Why did I want him to settle? His activity and big personality are what I miss so much now. I miss stepping over his big body when I am making dinner. He always had to be in the same room as I was. Had I known what the future would bring, the training , the accident and eventually the cancer, would I have carried that money across the road to buy him…….IN A HEARTBEAT!!!! Love and miss my TY GUY!

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