3 Years

My boy, I have not forgotten you.  Quite the opposite. Fixed up your garden for spring, put your plaque and Spotlight back out. I have been missing you a bit more lately, I am sure it is the time of year. Your 3 rd Angelversary was on Easter Day. Katey and I talked about how Daffodils make us both happy and sad. The last walk we took with you was up the drive to pick some. You were tired when we got back. I am sorry if I pushed you too hard. You seemed so happy to go though. Some of your habits have been adopted by the other fur faces here. Lucy takes my yogurt containers to clean out when I am done, Daryl has taken over your chair and Chandler does a fair job of digging holes in the yard( strangely, his favorite place to dig is beside your garden.) BUT…..nobody, nobody takes my shoes 😩I never thought when I was rushing around getting ready and looking in the yard for my shoes, that I would miss it, but I do. I still find pennies in weird places. I hope you are happy at the bridge . I hope you are just happy, pain free and running around with a shoe in your mouth, but I hope you are not sad or missing me. I hope it is for you there, like I think it is for us, just a blink of the eye and you will feel my arms around you, my thumb stroking that spot between your eyes that you liked and me kissing your head a million times. Love you my boy, always will! MOM