6 months as an Angel


An Angelversary does not feel like something to celebrate 🙁  I am glad you are pain free. You were so stoic that I now wonder how long you hid your pain from me. This week I found some old SD cards. The first picture of you is your best girl’s ( well besides me LOL) Graduation in 2009. That would have made you 3. I made muffins the other day and was reminded of the time you counter surfed a whole batch off of the counter. The second picture is you and Chandler in the RV headed out to The Quarter Horse Congress in 09. You loved going in the RV. I think this is the last year we took the RV because we got a pull behind and I made you ride in the truck. Now, you both had a whole back seat to yourselves. Your Dad and I had a running joke because he weaves a bit as he drives. When we would go over a rumble strip at the edge of the road , one of us would say, “Hold on boys!”  We would even say it when you were not along. Now, we don’t say it. 🙁  Makes us sad. I know we both are thinking it though. You will have to send your new brother some pointers on how to ride in the car. He insists on sitting up. which when you are missing a front leg, makes for a rough ride. He seems to have bonded with Dad the most. I think it is helping him to heal a bit though. I miss you so much my boy!! Daryl was sniffing in the crack of the couch in the sunroom while we were watching TV last night. I stuck my hand way back in and came out with a handful of your fur. Does not say much for my housekeeping, though, in my defense, it is a recliner couch so hard to get way down in.  I am going to use today to be thankful for you. For having the privilege to have you as a part of our family for 8 years. I have never liked the term Dog owner. You are more than a dog I owned, you owned and still own a big part of my heart. Run like the wind today my precious boy. Jump and gather as many shoes as you can.  Love , Mama