Melting Icecubes!

Another Ty memory hit me today. He LOVED ice cubes. He was in his glory when I overran my glass at the ice dispenser. He would chase them down and crunch away. Today, I overran my glass. Daryl just sat there and watched. They just started to melt on the floor. Guess that was Ty’s thing. Not sure why that memory took 2 yearS to surface. May be the walk down memory lane I took on all his posts. ( Thanks Sally, for the idea). It is sad , how many memories have started to fade. The Labby Lean, Oh how I long for it now after reading about it, but it had started to fade away. I guess that is a part of healing, but I will admit it makes me feel a tad guilty. I have felt Ty’s presence strongly the last few days, sort of like he is hanging around the house. Weird???? This is the only place I could express that feeling, that presence, even a bit of comfort. TY, Ty

2 Years as an Angel

Ty shoe 1I miss you! I miss having only a half pair of shoes. I miss your leap on to the porch. I miss those soulful brown eyes. I miss how your head smelled like Ty. I miss seeing your eyes in the back seat of my car. I miss how you had to sit on the chair beside me at the vets. I miss your eyes staring at me from your chair in my room. I miss how you chased me off every night when you were ready to go to bed. I miss how close you and Chandler were. He has not let any of our other pups in. I think he misse you too. I miss your deep bark. I never feared anybody entering my home. You sounded so fierce, but you were so gentle. some days, I still cannot believe you are gone. It has gotten a bit easier as time has gone on. I put your stuff back out on your garden today. I take it in for the winter. Yesterday, I kept watching the time. 5:30 was the dreaded appointment time 2 years ago. 730 days, I have been without my beautiful, shiny Black Lab. I am glad you are out of pain and whole again. Thanks for the penny today and all of the signs you have given me that you are happy and feeling fine. I will see you in Heaven someday my boy. Mama loves and misses you. PS: Sorry this is a day late. Purposely kept myself extra busy this weekend