You have lived at the bridge for a whole year, I miss you!

DSC_0058DSC_0059DSC_0053DSC_0057These are the last 4 pictures I think I took of Ty. The one with my daughter may have not been, as it was taken the weekend before. I see it especially in that picture. You were seeing the Bridge. The light had gone out in your eyes and I was too close to see that. I am so sorry! Felt like I was swimming uphill in concrete today. The emotion took a bit of a toll. I have kept from crying for some reason today. Maybe it is because of the cry fest I had on the 10th.Went through his box, buried my face in his tshirts, his collar and his bag of hair. I got a faint smell of him and was completely undone. Was a much worse day for me than today. The 3 pictures of me with Ty were taken just hours before he left. That is pretty much how we were when he left. I had his head in my lap and I bent over and buried my face next to his and talked to him. Said how much I loved him, over and over again. I could not watch. The words He is gone stuck with me for many months. Enough about his leaving. TY stands for Thank You in most written communication these days. I think of him every time I see those letters.  TY, Ty for being you, TY for being mine, TY for being silly and goofy, TY for loving me as you did, TY for protecting me, TY for all of the memories we made. TY for all the camping trips, TY for being so brave, you stuck with those treatments because you knew I wanted you to, TY for my friends here, without you, I would not have met them, TY,TY,TY for everything you gave me in your 8 years. TY forThe warm exuberant welcomes, TY for the kisses and even the body slams. You are very missed here, precious boy! Never forgotten, always loved. MY TY GUY! I LOVE YOU! Mommy