2 Years as an Angel

Ty shoe 1I miss you! I miss having only a half pair of shoes. I miss your leap on to the porch. I miss those soulful brown eyes. I miss how your head smelled like Ty. I miss seeing your eyes in the back seat of my car. I miss how you had to sit on the chair beside me at the vets. I miss your eyes staring at me from your chair in my room. I miss how you chased me off every night when you were ready to go to bed. I miss how close you and Chandler were. He has not let any of our other pups in. I think he misse you too. I miss your deep bark. I never feared anybody entering my home. You sounded so fierce, but you were so gentle. some days, I still cannot believe you are gone. It has gotten a bit easier as time has gone on. I put your stuff back out on your garden today. I take it in for the winter. Yesterday, I kept watching the time. 5:30 was the dreaded appointment time 2 years ago. 730 days, I have been without my beautiful, shiny Black Lab. I am glad you are out of pain and whole again. Thanks for the penny today and all of the signs you have given me that you are happy and feeling fine. I will see you in Heaven someday my boy. Mama loves and misses you. PS: Sorry this is a day late. Purposely kept myself extra busy this weekend


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PA Have 7 1/2 yr old black Lab having front right leg amputated due to Osteosarcoma:( He is the best dog and we are so very sad this is happening to him. We really do not want to lose him. TY got his angel wings on April 16, 2014 . April 2006- April 2014 Run free my boy!,

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  1. Awww Lori, I knew it was coming up. I can’t believe it has been 2 years. Hannah & Ty crossed the Bridge so close together. I know that they are friends up there. April’s Angels as Sally calls them.

    It does get better but days like their Anniversaries are hard. Thinking of you

    Michelle & Angel Sassy

  2. I just went back a d went through Ty’s blogs as a way of taking a walk down memory la e with him. And what a walk it was!

    Have you counted all the dimes and pennies Ty has left you? I’m pretty sure it’s a record amount!

    The photo with him sitting at the doorway (maybe?) In the snow with his prized shoe sitting in front of him…so cute! I think thst was the only blog post I missed first time around

    And the puppy pictures…so much fun to revisit those!

    I guess my favorite Ty story…other than the rooster story…is the way he stared at you when it was his bedtime. You needed to get off of his chair right then and there! Of ciurse, sharing it with yiu was okay too! The picture of “the stare” you posted earlier is such a treasure!

    I’ve mentioned Ty’s Garden .any times over ro members who have lost their furbabies. It was such a beautiful life affirming way to honor him…with the three leaves too!

    And these additional litte snippets of his personality you shared tonight just make us fall in love with him even more…if that’s possible.

    It doesn’t matter what “day” you blog about the Ty Guy. All that matters is that you do 🙂

    If they have to go to the Bridge, they sure did go with a great group of pals…and they sure did create of family of good humans who have become furever friends.

    Ty is so proud of the ways you continue his legacy. Thump…thump…yep, I can hear his happy tail wagging all the way up at the Bridge!

    In fact, I’m pretty sure Ty got an ice cream cake yesterday made in the shape of a shoe…with sprinkles! 🙂

    Look forward ro seeing you again at the next Tripawd Pawty. The friendships and unbreakable bond we’ve all formed are not anything anyone else coukd possibly understznd. So grateful for you and all our BFF’s here!

    Keep wagging Ty! And keep sending your Mom those coins! She’ll be able buy a new car with them soon! 🙂

    We love you Lori!

    Sally and Happy Hannah My Chunky Spiritual Being and Merry Myrtle and Frankie too!

  3. Thinking of you Lori on this two year mark. The pain of not having them with us never goes away. I think it’s because they take such a big piece of our heart with them. Hugs!
    Linda, Riley & Spirits Ollie & Mighty Max

  4. I cannot believe it’s been two years either … awful April … too many angels crossed that bridge that month in 2014. But look how far we have ALL come! We all have new fur-babies hand-selected by our angels to bring joy, love and inspire us … we are all still friends … despite the distance by miles, this forum keeps us close.

    I know how much you miss Ty but like you told me… see how far you have come! We have come through this journey STRONGER than before. It still hurts like heck … no doubt about that but I know all our angels are smiling, pawing themselves on the back and saying …look, our mama’s are strong !!! Till we meet them again!!!

    LOVE and lots of it!
    alison with spirit shelby in her heart (and little jasper too)

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