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Labs Don’t Shed

May 9th, 2014 · 4 Comments · Uncategorized

That was the joke in my house for a good many years. When my husband was petitioning for a second dog, that was one of my arguments. I already sweep up a half of a dog every day now. His reply, “Labs don’t shed.” I think he truly thought they did not. So , as I would empty a dustpan, change a sweeper bag or pick a black hair out of my food:) I would laugh and say” Labs don’t shed.” Well, shed  did. Twice a year, profusely. I would brush and brush and still could get more. It is funny, his hair would end up different places than Chandler’s. It was a different texture and Chan’s Border Collie coat stays suspended in the air. I was plugging my phone in last night and looked at the back. It is white and I could see nestled inside the cover are 2 black Ty hairs. They are staying. There was still some on the sniffer yesterday. He is probably in corners that I will not discover for awhile. As I said before, this was his home. Our furniture was his too.  I have come to realize though that the longer he is gone that there will come a time that I don’t find his hair anymore. You know what, that makes me feel so very sad. The last few times that I brushed him, I saved the hair I got. It is in a baggie in the memory box, along with his extra large Kong, his bandanas, shirts cards, collar etc. I have not even disposed of his meds yet. I think subconsciously, that I knew he was not going to be with me much longer so saving some of his hair gave me a tiny part of him to hold on to.  I dint know if that makes me sound like a weirdo or not. Hey, I may just sprinkle some around the house again when I stop finding it. I think the memory of him is kind of like his hair. Nestled into the walls and corners of this house to be found, sometimes, when you least expect to. There was a pair of shoes by the front door today. I could see my Ty Guy very clearly in my mind, picking one up and heading out the front door with it in his mouth. I miss and Love you so much my precious boy.  ( by the way, I do know how to spell Swiffer, my tablet would not let me go back and change it)


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  • benny55

    Yeah, I like what you said about the memory of him nestled in places like his hair is, waiting to be found later.

    Yep, call me craxy too…..I jave “special” places I have snipsof amny, many dogs’ locks of hair.

    I always cust a pece of mine nd tape it over their heart for their tra pnsition and always keep theirs with me.
    i loved that Ty left his hair on yor h e plug! He KNEW you’d find it!! Oh yes he did!

    We miss him too Lori. But we thank you for keeping his memory alive here and bri ging him to life with everypost.

    Sending love always,

    Sally and Happy Hannah

  • Linda Morrice

    Hi Lori

    Thanks for sharing memories of Ty with all of us.


    Linda and Tucker

  • mom2shelby

    🙂 There is “shelby” fur all over this house … I don’t clean much and even when I do, it’s still there. My black pants always have a sliver of fur on them. It comforts me …

    Lots of love!

  • jerry

    Crazy? No way! Not in this crowd and not in my book. We saved our Jerry’s sweater smell by putting it in a ziploc. Every now and then we’ll open it up and get a whiff of our hero, even years later. It’s wonderful.

    I like your analogy about finding the hair and remembering Ty’s life with you, that is beautiful.

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