4 months as an Angel


Yesterday was 4 months since TY went to the bridge. There is not a day that goes by that I don’t miss my boy! I went outside yesterday and this is what I found in Ty’s garden. 3 leaves lined up just so. And if you look a bit to the right, you can see a smaller leaf. TY was a front, right Tripawed. I think the message here is that the cancer, the sickness, the surgery, all of the yucky stuff, was just a small part of Ty’s life and legacy. I honestly did not put those leaves there and there was no one else that could have done it. There is only one explanation for it. Call me crazy, but I am going to grab any sign my boy sends. Love and miss you my precious Ty!

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PA Have 7 1/2 yr old black Lab having front right leg amputated due to Osteosarcoma:( He is the best dog and we are so very sad this is happening to him. We really do not want to lose him. TY got his angel wings on April 16, 2014 . April 2006- April 2014 Run free my boy!,

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  1. I don’t think you’re crazy at all, that was totally a message. Everything in the universe is connected, even all the ‘bad’ stuff. Eventually we see that it all teaches us lessons that can make our lives better if we let it. Sounds to me like you are!


    We miss that boy too.

  2. Ty’s memorila garden is.just lovely! And Ty.added.just.the.right.touch of color because he knew you would be visiting with.an.overload of emotion.yesterday.

    And I LOVE how you got the symbolism.he.wanted you.to.figure.o ut…the three paws.and.then.the fourth off.to.the.side.

    And I love how the “paw” of the tree (aka) roots…reach out so gently towards.the.stones and the “leaf prints” Ty left.for.you.

    Lori, you’ve done a beautiful job with this sacred.corner of serenity for you and.Ty…every single treasure is placed with heartfelt love. Just as he placed.those leaves there.for you.to.find.

    Sending.you extra.love.and.extra.hugs.and.extra.fun.memories.of.Ty Guy today.

    Sally and Happy Hannah and Merry Myrtle too y

  3. What a lovely way to remember your Angel Ty. And he knows where to go to leave you messages.

    I’m sure Ty holds a special place in your heart and feels your love through every heart beat.

    Cuddles and head butts from my kitty Mona.

  4. No crazy…. definitely a sign! Ty sends you so many signs… you are so lucky (for the signs, that is .. i hope you know what I mean).

    Hugs and love … four months is a toughie!
    Alison with the Spirit of Shelby fur-ever in her heart

  5. I agree, not crazy at all! Ty was so much more than anything cancer could muster up. It might have had its way physically, but cancer never ever touches the spirit, the love or the memories! Happy 4 month Angelversary Ty, keep sending your mama those messages….they make all of our hearts smile!!


  6. What a beautiful garden for Ty. 4 months is not very long and I’m sure you are missing your boy very much. He was very lucky to have a mommy like you.
    Penny, Hank, Blink and Maggie Over Yonder

  7. Nope, definitely not crazy……that would mean most of us are crazy, because I think we all believe in signs from our beloved fur babies. I love Ty’s little garden, so precious….

    Just like I know my Polly is with me always, I know Ty is with you as well……the thought of that always makes me smile, and I hope the same for you…..

    Bonnie & Angel Polly

  8. You’ve created such a beautiful memorial for your beloved Ty. And seeing signs from those who’ve left this world (human or animal) is not crazy. I think it brings comfort in knowing that we’re still being watched over and they know how deeply we miss them.

    Every time Lucian does something that my Leland did I know that Leland is guiding him and letting us know that he’s still here looking out for my husband and me. Hopefully I will eventually get to a place where these instances won’t make me cry but smile. It will just take time.

    Sending you a hug on this tough day.

    Sahana and her Angel Leland

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